Eco Friendly decoration in less cost for you but more effective for nature.
Try for both

Hi, from 2007 we are celebrating Ganpati in nature friendly way....this is the god of all good thing.....we have responsibility to make his festival look good and to add values in it so that it remains good for generations. We also want to thank Maharashtra pollution control board and the people who cleans our seashore after the Viserjan.
thanks a lot for visiting this site.

गणपती बाप्पा मोरया ............

Eco friendly Decorations Ideas

These are the reference images of decorations done by those people who love to sees Ganpati in natural way. Even you can try for your one.                              

                     Decoration by Mr. Atul S. Khule
eco friendly ganpati decoration ideas 

eco friendly ganpati decoration ideas

 Decoration by Mr. Gurunath N. Samant
ecofriendly ganpati decoration ideas

Decoration by Mr. Manoj Dali 

Decoration by Mrs.Mayura Gosavi

Decoration by Mr.Satish Rao

Decoration by Mr.Pankaj bhagwat

Decoration by Mr. Sudhir Damle

Decoration by Mrs.Ashwini Manjure
done with Icecream sticks, Green Bamboo etc.

Decoration by Mr.Padmakar Rao

Decoration by Mrs. Aruna Joshi
also visit this link, great work from Mrs. and Mr. Joshi

Decoration by Mr. Sachin Varadkar

Decoration by Mr. Sanjay Tkar

Decoration by Mr. Prasad Patankar

Decoration by Mr. Bakulesh Trivedi

Decoration by Mr.Amit Goyal

Decoration by Mr. Divyesh Deo

Decoration by Miss Nikita Savant

Decoration by Mr.Sachin Marathe-Thakre

Decoration by Deepa Shah

Decoration by Mr. Sandesh Shirdhankar

 Decoration by Mr. Gaurav Karapurkar

Decoration by Miss. Nidhi Gajera

Decoration by Mr. Siddhath Y. Waingankar 
done with bisleri plastic bottles contact no: 9821376799 

done with 10,000 pcs. size 4x3 inches paper fold in triangle pieces in origami

Decoration by Mr. Sagar H. Kavale 
Murtikaar Mr. Nitin Shahabajkar
Ganpati murti is eco friendly and background is painting on canvas / contact no: 9167521853  

Decoration by Mr. Shailesh Chavan 
done by Cardboard / contact no: 9967435138

Decoration by Mr. Prasad A. Vedpathak  
done by News paper, Hand-made paper and Card paper / contact no: 9821552827

Decoration by Mr. Ameya Vaidya
done by dryed Pipal leaf, coloring wih Haldi, Kumkum and Banboo Pillers / contact no:9320101092

Decoration by Mr. Anant Shinde
done by flowers, Bamboo mat, Bamboo topli / contact no:9320101092

Decoration by Mr. Atul Katdare
done by paper / contact no: 9969285045

Decoration by Ms. Kranti Patil

Decoration by Mr. Sandesh Patil 
done by Cardboard and Mount board / contact no: 9322691606


Decoration by Mr. Satish Kolvankar and inspiring newspaper article about them

Decoration by Mrs. Sarita Gujarathi
 done by Bambu, Kantan and Grass / contact no: 9869276110, 9869050766

Indian  marriage theme done by cardboard, cloth,MDF and paper

Decoration by Mr. Siddhesh Sawant
done by Cardboard, Paper, Colors and Flowers

Decoration by Mr. Arun Shanbhag 
 Arun sir's website

Decoration by Mr. Sudhakar Ambokar
Saadu idol, pillars done by biscuit paper and mount board / contact no.9969554511/ 9167264087

Work of Great Ganpati Artist Mr.Vishal Suryakant Shinde / Contact no. 9323790904

Decoration by Mr. Prasad Kokate
done by Less, Silver Paper, Mount board, Gift packing paper of different colors

Decoration by Mr. Dhiraj Kandhari 
done with colorful Beads 

Decoration by Mr. Kartik Pakhale
done with paper

Decoration by Amol Co-op Hsg. Society uploaded by Mr. Abhijit Samant
done with paper spreading a message to "Save Girl Child"

Decoration by Mr. Sandeep & Sandesh Patil Family
Theme: Mushak Sangeet party done with paper mache, Coconat shell, Card board, Pencils, Match box and idol of shadu maati / contact no: 09423522872

Decoration by Mr. Abhishek Sharad Shinde
Theme: Save Sparrows done with paper

Decoration by Mrs. Aboli Akole
Theme: 7 Wonders done with paper

Decoration by Mr. Amol Edlabadkar
Theme: 100% ecofriendly ganesha done with paper and shaadu idol 

Decoration by Mr. Anand Jayant Lele 
Theme: Under water done with paper and  metal idol

Decoration by Mr. Anand Jayant Lele 
Theme: Peacock done with paper and  metal idol

Decoration by Mr. Anupama Jha
Theme: Simple and Sweet with leaf 

Decoration by Mrs. Ashwini Jagdish Malvi 
Theme: Peacock ki sawari 

Decoration by Mr. Bharat Ramkrishna Bhalerao 
Theme: Utensils Ganesha

Decoration by Mr. Chandrakant V Sugandhi
Theme: Tread Reel Temple

Decoration by Mr. Prasad Gaikwad
Theme: Maratha Fort done with mount board

Decoration by Mr. Gaurav S. Yadav 
Theme: Save tigers done with paper

Decoration by Mr. Jayesh Baviskar
Theme: Ganesha in my house

Decoration by Mr. Jitendra Takekar
Theme: Swami Ganesha done with paper and sutali

Decoration by Mr. Krishana S. Dhage
Theme: Save water 

Decoration by Mr. Kunal Keni and Mr. Aditya Nitin Jagtap
Theme: beautiful modern temple done with mount board and lights

Decoration by Mr. Omkar Bhalerao
Theme: Swami ganesha done with paper and shaadu clay

Decoration by Mr. Mahendra Pangarkar
Theme: letters tree done with paper and shaadu clay  

Decoration by Mr. Manish Jayswal
Theme: Ashtavinayaka daershan done with paper mache and biscuit paper  

Decoration by Mrs. Meena Paradkar
Theme: paper craft done with paper 

Decoration by Mr. Mohan Yeola
Theme: Butterfly done with paper

Decoration by Mr. Pramod B. Patil
Theme: Leaf dish decoration 

Decoration by Mrs. Nayana Lunawat
Theme: Golden tree 

Decoration by Mr. Parag Vaidya
Theme: simple and beautiful done with paper flower 

Decoration by Mrs. Pooja Taware
Theme: Guari Ganesha 

Decoration by Mrs. Prachi Rajarapollu
Theme: Bullock cart

Decoration by Mrs. Pradnya Pradeep Walimbe
Theme: Reuse- Recycle done by magazines

Decoration by Mr. Prasad Patankar
Theme: Village life

Decoration by Mr. Prasad Vedak
Theme: Paper pulp temple

Decoration by Mrs. Renu Mulay
Theme: Simple and Sweet

Decoration by Mrs. Shilpa Avinash Sanap
Theme: Save earth- Kedarnath Uttarakhand Live

Decoration by Mr. Siddharth Sanjiv Hajare
Theme: Maharashtras Sants

Decoration by Mr. Sudam Shinde 
Theme: Vegetable Ganpati

Decoration by Mr. Vishal Suresh Wani
Theme: Hand made decoration

Decoration by Dr. Sachin V. Raje and Mr. Kiran Raje
Theme: Curtain Mahal / Contact no: 9867894270 & 9892632423

Decoration by Mrs. Monalisa Kashyap
Theme: Lotus

Share your Ecofriendly Ganesh's photo with us at 
and write what material you have used to create the decoration

we will upload it on this website
 It will inspire people who want to celebrate this festival in nature friendly way

Ganpati Bappa Morya
 Thank you


  1. can i get a help from Mr Sachin Varadkar ?

    1. plz visit this blog

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  3. @ Kranti Patil nice ideas, waiting 2 c ur dis years idea :)

    @ Mr. Sandesh Shirdhankar, liked ur idea of coconut, wld like 2 try it @my frnd's place. need help, can i get the mail id?

    @ Mr. Siddhath Y. Waingankar, i liked the bisleri bottle decoration! the way of lighting is too creative.

    @ Mr. Siddhesh Sawant, thnx 4 posting ur idea of making ganesha idol using Mcdonald ppr glasses. wld like to see more on this line frm u..

    @ admin, thnx 4 making me a part of dis group!
    will follow it!

    Atul K.
    +91 9969285045

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  12. How can I contact padmakar rao for the design of earth and farm

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  20. Can I get the email I'd of sandesh shridhankar. Loved the idea of coconut & needed guidance for it.
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  21. The post regarding the below mentioned decoration is incorrect.

    Decoration by Mr. Kunal Keni and Mr. Aditya Nitin Jagtap
    Theme: beautiful modern temple done with mount board and lights

    This decoration was done by Mr. Kunal Keni only, who is Mr. Aditya Nitin Jagtap. Will ask the moderator of this blog to prove his (mr. Aditya Nitin jagtap's) credentials for tagging his name to this decoration.....

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